Clamp On BTU Meter – Insert BTU flow

BTU meters can be installed on chilled water pipes to measure the thermal energy in the cooling application.

BTU Flow Meters manufactured by EESIFLO use the ultrasonic transit time propagation principle to accurately measure the flow rate of the chilled water lines by simply placing the stainless steel transducers on the outside of the flowing media and entering in the parameter data of the pipe set which includes the pipe diameter, wall thickness and the media type and average temperature.  Additional temperature sensors (either clamp on or insert) can be used as inputs to the built in math calculator that will process the data and display the actual energy in Kilowatt Hours or BTU.

A choice of options for transport/portable units used in energy consumption surveys by chiller contractors or fixed units that run on mains power 110/240 VAC are available. Simply contact your nearest EESIFLO representative office to have them configure the most suitable set .

Battery Operated Portable Type BTU measurement

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EESIFLO clamp on flowmeters have been hired out to thousands of clients over the last ten years. One of the best ways to prove a product is to allow clients to use them. In some applications it is not practical for operators to be purchasing flow equipment which might only ever be used once in it's lifetime. Flow Rental options give clients a choice that is otherwise unavailable from manufacturers who simply want to supply their flow instruments from a specification sheet without allowing for a test run of the equipment.